Titanium Nail vs Thick Quartz Banger: Which is better?

When upgrading your glass nail on your oil rig, should you go with titanium or a quartz banger? Both thick quartz bangers and domeless titanium nails have their ups and downs, some even say it is simply personal preferance.

So which is better, titanium or quartz? We all know glass nails are known to break easily, have a higher chance of cracking, and must be replaced a lot.

To avoid any headaches, your best bet is to upgrade the nail on your oil rig to either a titanium nail or a thick quartz banger.

I created a quick comparison list to help you choose better. Check it out below

Domeless Titanium Nail:

  • Titanium grade varies between different brands
  • When left unseasoned, can give off an odd taste or smell
  • Want to learn how to season a titanium nail? Check out the video below
  • Must be seasoned to remove coat applied during production
  • Retains heat longer and gets hot quicker
  • Can last you years if maintained correctly
  • Extremely strong, unlikely to break
  • More than often priced higher than thick quartz banger nails.

Thick Quartz Banger Nails:

  • Most thick quartz bangers are made from 99.9% pure quartz
  • Must be seasoned prior to use
  • Better taste than titanium nail, allows you to taste the oil
  • Hold heat longer due to thicker walls
  • Less likely to crack if used properly
  • Can break easier than titanium if dropped on hard surface
  • Much more affordable than titanium

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